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Novex Software Development Inc. is a technology company located in Nova Scotia, Canada.  Since incorporation in 1987, they have been developing and deploying solutions to the wholesale distribution, manufacturing, and retail markets. Their solutions provide the flexibility for companies of all sizes to automate their business processes, reduce costs, and improve customer service.  They do this by helping customers keep existing technology while migrating to newer solutions.
 OrderHawk Acoustic is a communications solution designed to manage data rather than just receive it.  Through the use of our unique feature, Data Mapper, OrderHawk Acoustic accepts raw data and reformats it into a pre-defined output format. Receive data from different data collection devices.  OrderHawk Acoustic can be set up to accept many different data file layouts and merge them all into one output file to be uploaded to your host, all without a single line of programming! Let OrderHawk Acoustic be your communications administrator!  OrderHawk Acoustic performs unattended host file transfers so your IS team can deal with other important issues.

Why OrderHawk Acoustic Should Be Your Solution!
• Your Lines are Always Open: OrderHawk Acoustic remains operational even while data is being extracted for the host file transfer. Never close your communciations doors on customers again!
• Customized Data Mapping: Novex can assist you in building custom data output formats to ensure a worry-free implemention.
• Unattended Host File Transfer: File transfer may be initiated by OrderHawk Acoustic from a scheduled process or from a host-initiated process. No operator needed!