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Specifications at-a-glance

  • Direct thermal, thermal transfer (optional)
  • 8.52” [216.4mm] maximum print width
  • 12 ips [304 mm/s] maximum print speed
  • 203 dpi [8 dots/mm], 300 dpi [12 dots/mm] optional resolution
  • Serial, parallel, USB, Ethernet wired LAN, wireless 802.11b/g (optional)

The Industrial Work Horse

The H-Class is a rugged and versatile printer that offers one of the most feature rich solutions for dynamic enterprise applications and is twice as fast as other printers in its class.  The H-Class is ideal for high volume label printing in manufacturing, warehouse, transportation, and high resolution labeling.  H-Class reduces the total cost of ownership with its gear driven design to provide rugged and reliable performance for 24X7 mission critical services.

H-Class Mark II

Performance Series

E-Class Mark III

M-Class Mark II

I-Class Mark II

Expand Your Capabilities

H-Class printers are offered with a wide variety of options and accessories to meet the needs of many

industrial applications. The most commonly used options are listed below:

 thermal transfer (H,M,I) 75x75Thermal Transfer
A printing method that uses ribbon to produce exceptional image clarity, as compared to most direct thermal media types. The 4-section split-hub design allows for lower torque on narrow ribbons. This option can be used with either coated-side-in or coated-side-out ribbons. 
 basic peel & present (H)Basic Peel & Present
A simple "plate" style design that automatically separates most printed labels from the backing material and allows subsequent printing to occur only after the removal of a previously printed label. Minimum label length is 1.5 inches (38 mm). 
 peeler (H,M,I) 75x75Heavy Duty Peel & Present (4" printers only)
An internally "overdriven" design for heavy duty requirements using aggressive adhesive or polyester type media. Minimum label length is 1.5 inches (38 mm). 
 cutter (H,M,I) 75x75Cutter
Plug-and-play: attach the cutter and it is auto detected during power up. The rotary style mechanism is capable of cutting media from 0.0025” to 0.0100” (0.0635mm - 0.254mm) thick, and has a minimum lifespan of 500,000 cuts. 
 rewinder (H,M,I) 75x75Internal Rewind
"X" Models
: A heavy-duty label rewind option using a dedicated DC motor to tightly rewind a full 8" roll of labels and backing onto a 3" diameter core.
Standard Models: A heavy-duty label rewind option to tightly rewind a partial 5.5" roll of labels and backing onto a 3" diameter core.
 present sensor (H,M,I) 75x75Present Sensor
An output control device that allows subsequent printing to occur only after the removal of a previously printed label. 
 linear scanner 75x75Linear Scanner
This new design checks every printed barcode label. If unreadable it will automatically void the labels containing failed bar codes. Supports picket fence style bar codes.

Datamax-O'Neil printing supplies for use with the H-Class are popular in many industries including manufacturing for asset tracking labels, transportation and logistics for cross docking, food & beverage for high resolution labeling, and pharmaceuticals for compliance labeling.  High volume applications such as film based labels, serial plates, shipping labels, and chemical drum labeling with wide web format are popular applications with H-class printers.

Industry Solutions for You

The H-Class is a perfect solution for industrial manufacturing, transportation & logistics, food & beverage, and pharmaceutical applications. Providing cost effective printing solutions is made easy with the H-Class. These printers offer a broad range of connectivity to meet diverse application requirements and easily integrate into any network. Modular construction increases up-time for the highest levels of user productivity.

manufacturing 75x75
Industrial Manufacturing
Manufacturers use H-Class printers for applications throughout their product lines for heavy duty 24x7 mission critical applications. H-Class is used for many applications including Asset tracking, work-in-progress labels, agency labels, and instruction labels to name a few.
transportation 75x75
Transportation and Logistics
The transportation and logistics industries use barcode labels in their distribution and warehousing facilities primarily for labeling shipments with critical shipping information. Because every shipment is different, the label printer must be able to handle the high demand with continually changing data. The H-Class is the ideal printer for the requirements in applications such as cross docking, shipping labels, pallet tracking, and in sorting centers.
food meat 75x75
Food & Beverage
Meat packing and food processing industries use bar code printers 24 hours and 7 days a week. Typical applications are to print high resolution labels, expiration dates, time stamps, product identification, and shipping labels. Many applications require wash down applications where the whole printer is placed inside a custom stainless steel cabinet.
pharmacy 75x75
Pharmacies use H-Class printers to print prescription labels. The labels containing critical information for the patient are adhered to the outside of the pill bottle or box of medication. Printing this information rather than hand writing avoids errors and misinterpretation which can lead to serious consequences. Most widely used applications include compliance labels, track & trace, and pick lists.
Get the Most for Your Investment
H-Class printers can be used in a wide variety of industrial applications with a range of media compatibility, connectivity, emulation support, and options including RFID support.  Key features are listed below:

Connectivity: H-Class printers come standard with Ethernet, Parallel, Serial, and USB/SDIO interfaces for extra capacity models giving users integration flexibility
Rugged: Gear driven design with precision die-cast aluminum frame, which provides durability and light weight. A steel cabinet offers protection in industrial environments.
Range: H-Class is available in 203, 300, 400, and 600 DPI resolutions, covering a wide range of applications.
Multi-language menu available in English, Spanish, German, Italian, and French
Easy to read 7 button 240 X 320 graphical back lit display enabling user friendly label configuration set up on "X" models
Field installable options such as cutters, peel & present sensors, and thermal transfer capabilities can be added easily to upgrade a base printer
Media compatibility to support either coated side in or coated side out ribbons without the purchase of any options or the need for re-configuration resulting in easier ribbon inventory management
Intelliseaq Printhead: Proactive diagnostic tools allow easy access to printhead performance and history
Software: Features include Time stamp with print capability, time and date battery backup.  Utilizes widely used DPL and supports MCL designer and 123 Print.  With the PL-Z and PL-I printer language emulations, users can easily integrate the printer to existing solutions.